Liza Martz (lizamartz) wrote,
Liza Martz

A Day Spent Flipping Rocks and All I Got Were These Lousy Pictures

Okay, that heading is not totally accurate. True, I didn't find a flippin' thing underneath the many rocks I flipped, but it got me looking closely at what Mother Nature has to offer this time of year and that was a reward unto itself.

I learned about National Rock Flipping Day on this blog written by my good friend Loree Griffin Burns. It's quite simple. One  goes out, turns over rocks, and makes a record of ones' findings for the good of science. Easy as falling off a log.

Here's where I went first. Yes, a dappled forest path leading down to a burbling stream seemed like the perfect place to conduct my study.

There were plenty of rocks along this trail but none had visible signs of life beneath them. Well, under one I saw a scuttle-bug, thus named because it scuttled from sight before I could take it's picture.

I found moss growing on the rocks...

And in the creek, there were loads of snails-without-shells clinging to the sides of rocks...

Then there was this little fella perched atop a rock.

And pretty flowers dancing near the rocks.

But nary a thing was found beneath the rocks. Fine. Forget the forest, I'd check my yard.

First stop, my poor-excuse-for-a-water-feature. It consists of a disappointing little holding pond that I haven't visited in at least a year. Once again, there was nothing under the rocks. But look at this pretty vine with it's delicate lavender colored flower that moved in while I wasn't watching.

And these cool fungi I mistook for a gathering of turtles.

These random holes in the ground had me so baffled, I didn't watch where I was going.

And that is why I almost walked straight into this...

Yep, a gargantuan spider, the likes of which I'd never seen. I ran inside to look it up and learned it is a black and yellow garden spider, also known as a writing spider. When the sun sets it will eat its web and move on to a new location.

Now that is downright interesting. I took the writing spider as an omen to stop the search for life-forms residing under rocks and get my official National-Rock-Flipping-Day report drawn up and filed.

So that's what I did.

The end.

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