Liza Martz (lizamartz) wrote,
Liza Martz

The Plucky Chihuahua

If you ever see a Chihuahua standing in the road - halfway up a mountain - with no sign of civilization in sight, do yourself a favor and catch it right then and there.  If you don't, you'll worry yourself sick hoping it won't be eaten by a mountain lion. Or freeze to death. Or slowly die of starvation.

I know because that's what I did for two weeks before I decided to capture this pooch. I've since heard she'd been on the lam for over a month. How on earth did she survive?

I used a live-trap to get her then took her to the house of a friend who shelters dogs. Upon her arrival the Chihuahua was sniffed...

And scrutinized... 

And taken into loving arms....

She's named Rushe (roosh) and she and her new owner are inseparable.  As for me? I've never even touched her. When I enter the room,  Rushe barks and backs away as though I've threatened to take her back to where I found her. I think she knows I didn't help her sooner because I'd hoped someone else would do it.

Yesterday, Rushe went into her usual barking and backing routine when I visited her owner. I told the owner Rushe is a plucky girl and wondered how such a tiny dog survived on her own for such a long time.  I went on to say how sad I felt that someone had dumped her, and sadder yet that I'd let her stay dumped for so long. As I spoke Rushe went silent then she slowly approached until she was at my feet.  

I stopped talking and stooped, holding out my hand. Rushe looked me right in the eye then climbed into my lap and licked my chin. I truly believe she was telling me it's okay. 


Tags: animal rescue
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