Liza Martz (lizamartz) wrote,
Liza Martz

At Misti's House

 If you ever want to meet an interesting assortment of dogs and cats, you need to stop by Misti's house. Every one of her pets is a cast off. Most of them limp, some of them are blind or deaf, a lot of them are so ugly they're cute. One of them's so ugly it's just downright ugly! You think I'm lying?

This is Saber, your average green-eyed tabby cat. Well....

except for his fangs!

Here's Suzy, she's a Chinese Crested Dog and was bred to look like this. Truth.

Next in the line up is Abigail, proof it's a bad idea to breed a dog like Suzy with a Dachshund! Every day is a bad hair day for Abigail and she has warts.

The kitty below is so pretty. Her ankles grew in crooked but what the heck, what she don't know won't hurt her!

This next guy is smiling because it's his turn to hold the leash. 

His name is Boswell. He has a genetic skin condition that makes his hair fall out, he's allergic to corn, and his eyelids hang down so far they block his vision. Does he care? Not at all! He's too busy making people laugh to bother with minor details.

As you can probably tell, I admire Misti no end and think she's a wonderful person for giving a home to this motley crew. 

I assume I don't have to spell out the moral of this story, do I?  Good. Because there are more than these guys living with Misti and if I had to, I was going to to go take more pictures.

Thanks for listening. 
Tags: animal rescue, claiborne animal shelter
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