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Run to the roundhouse, mother, they'll never corner you there!

I have looked at this building for years and cannot figure out its purpose. It's in the middle of town, not attached to the house, and doesn't seem to be used for anything. In the summer it's completely obscured by vines.

I've asked people what it is. They shrug and change the subject.

A ten-year old friend thinks it's a dungeon. 

I bet it smells musty inside. There are probably lots of spiders and creepy crawlies. I wonder what it is.





This is the old Joe Buis home. Everytime I drive by it, I think of how I would love to explore the house. My dad told me he delievered stoker coal to the house. It had to be shoveled into the basement. Anyways that is all I know of it.

Re: Hello

Thanks, Crystal! I would also love to explore the house - I'd start with that detached round building!!