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I Never Promised You a Parlor

I have tried so very hard to snare three children's writers in my web and force them into my home.  Yes, this very home, with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms and three dogs.

But these friends are a crafty bunch and have thus far managed to elude me. They are indifferent to my allusion that different porches provide different points of view...

 And so I sit alone. Well, almost. This guy hangs with me...

 But all he wants to do is eat bugs. 




Don't give up on them yet, Liza!

I haven't and I shan't!

That spider has a mighty fine view! (though I prefer chocolate to bugs!)
Chocolate moonshine, you'll love it!

not so random commenter

that is a lovely home, i have no idea why they wouldn't want to come....other than that huge scary spider.

Re: not so random commenter

I think it is the spider. At least, I hope it's the spider an not moi!

Re: not so random commenter

It could be that you live halfway across the country!!! And that scary guard spider and two attack dogs!

Re: not so random commenter

Well, you do have a point about the geographic difficulties. But my attack dogs and Louie the Guard Spider? Puhleeeez!