Liza Martz (lizamartz) wrote,
Liza Martz

Into the Heart of Detroit City

As you probably guessed from the subject line of this blog, I am not at present on a country road. Instead I'm near the place I grew up,  a city thats name is synonymous with B-A-D. Yes, my friend, I talking about Detroit, Michigan.

It's not a place I'd visit if I didn't happen to be in the area; I mean, let's face it, the city has issues. But it also has lots of interesting, quirky places to go if you know where to find them... which I do. And that is why today I ventured into a neighborhood deep in the heart of Detroit that fell on hard times decades ago and never got up.

My parents and I set off to drop off bags of used clothing at the Capuchins, a group of Catholic Friars who give food, clothing, and solace to the beleaguered residents of the area. We make the journey several times a year and reward ourselves for our good deed by going to lunch in nearby Hamtramck, a city within The City that has the best Polish cooking this side of Krakow!

Today before heading off for our Polish Platters, we took a side trip take a look at  The Heidelberg Project , a puzzling collection of found-items meticulously displayed on the street after which the project is named. It's touted by some as urban art, ballyhooed by others as an eyesore.

It's worth seeing whether you swoon over the artistic genius or scratch your head and say, "Huh?"  

I'm serious.

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