Liza Martz (lizamartz) wrote,
Liza Martz

It's True, Puppies are Inconvenient - But For Pete's Sake, Don't Throw Them Out!

I'd like you to meet Jack. He showed up on my deck on the 4th of July, a four month old puppy in search of a home. He had on a raggedy blue collar with rhinestones, a belly full of worms, and was covered with big, fat, gross-beyond-belief ticks. (A friend and I spent 1.5 hours picking them off - GACK!) I checked with the few houses nearby and no one claimed him. He was no doubt dumped by someone who didn't want him anymore.

He's not much to look at but he's one of the cutest dogs I've ever met - and I've met plenty! Here he is the day after I got him.

I'm not sure what's so special about him. It's not just because he wears his ears at a jaunty angle.

Or that he looks like a fruit bat when he's upside down.

I think it's because he seems so happy to be alive. He's the kind of guy who considers everyone his friend, and seems to fit in wherever he goes.

Well, almost. He went home with a woman for a trial adoption and was returned the next day for trying to chase cars while walking on a leash. Bad Jack.

Okay, so maybe that's not his only problem. He digs in the yard, torments toads, and eats bees but, hey, that's what puppies do. 

So, Jack's going to stay with us until he finds a home. If he doesn't, I guess he'll just keep on staying with us.


Tags: animal rescue
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