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Don't Leave Those Kittens in the Road!

Do you ever find yourself taking a strange back road for no other reason than, because? Have you noticed when you do, you sometimes stumble across something unexpected that made you glad you took the road?

Something like this?

And this?

They were in  a little heap in the road (a fourth one lay dead off to the side). I didn't have a crate or box with me so I put them in my hat and took them to a safe, warm place - my friend Ann's house.

Ann is a cat-nut  so I figured I could pawn them off on her. Wrong. She has doctored and bathed them and now she must send them away as she is becoming too attached. Sigh. 

Tomorrow they come to stay with me and I have no clue what I'm going to do with them. What if I can't find someone to adopt them? I don't regret picking them up, I just don't want three cats. In fact, I don't want any cats.

It is a true dilemma. Surely someone out there is looking for a cat, maybe it's you...are you?