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The Wren ... Again

Pictured below is the hat I wear to protect my head from the sun. Usually. On top are the leather gloves that prevent my hands from getting pickers when I pull weeds. Normally. Both of these are out of order because....

I failed to take them inside despite knowing a Wren uses them for a nesting platform. Annually.   

The bars in the forefront belong to a trellis that should be holding up my climbing Sweet Peas. Rocking chairs, side tables, and a weed eater form a barricade to keep curious canine snouts away from the eggs.

How long does it take for Wren eggs to hatch? Surely not infinity, although it seems that way. I've had to buy a new hat. I no longer pull weeds for lack of gloves (right!) My climbing Sweet Peas are rambling down instead of up, forming a jumble of pink and green vegetation perfect for lurking Copperhead snakes. I am powerless and my life is out of control because of a bird no bigger than a Kiwi fruit.

Today, when I peeked inside the nest, the speckled eggs had disappeared. In their place? Awwww.


Oh! I was so excited when I got to the last photo - thanks for sharing these little guys, Liza!
Aren't they magnificent? They can have my hat any old time!


Like Peter's said once or twice, all babies are ugly for the first week or so. And the only thing worse than changing a baby's diaper would be regurgitating a worm into it's mouth!

So, um anyway, love them rocking chairs! Wanna git me some!

And what's a 'picker'?

BTW, Livejournal doesn't let me use my wordpress address for OpenID. It forces me to use Anonymous.
Wait, I changed my mind: baby vegetables aren't ugly. And I only have to feed them worm poop. At lease I don't have to chew it first tho!

Sure wish I could figure out this ID thing, maybe Livejournal and Wordpress have 'chosen' not to work together. Conspiracy there I think.

Wait, maybe it was a typo, yeah!
Nicely done, Snarkyvegan! One day when Frannie chased the mama wren off the porch I found a big, fat, white slug she had dropped. No regurgitated worms for those babies!

p.s. A "picker" is a technical term for any sharp object that embeds itself in my hand when I'm pulling weeds.